Selecting Secure Data Room Providers

A virtual data room (VDR) is an online platform that is secure and allows parties to share confidential documents for business without having to travel to an offsite location. VDRs have replaced physical data rooms as well as document management software and other solutions that require scanning, printing and the storage of documents. As a result, people are able to review documents quickly and efficiently from any location in the world.

When choosing a secure information room provider, look for the one that offers the ability to grant granular permissions to documents and security features to restrict access to folders and documents. These features reduce human error and prevent unauthorized manipulations of sensitive information. Choose a service that offers advanced branding, for example a custom login page, backgrounds emails, white-labeled link labels, to make your virtual dataroom more familiar and easy to use.

Examine their certifications to ensure that the service you choose exceeds the industry standards for privacy and protection of information. For instance, the top secure data room providers are HIPAA certified to ensure the secure handling of protected health information and GDPR-certified to comply with European Union laws regarding personal data protection and transfer. Many of the data room providers that are secure also adhere to PCI-DSS standards to safeguard payment card information from hackers.

Most data breaches are caused by user error and a lack of security. By choosing a secure and safe data room, you’ll reduce the threat of cyber attacks and demonstrate to your clients, partners and other those who interact with you that you care about privacy. Choose a safe data room provider with security requirements for password complexity and changes, inactivity timeouts, dual-factor authentication, IP restrictions, and more granular permissions for documents.

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