What Is a Tech Audit?

A technical audit is an evaluation of the technology infrastructure of an organization. The objective is to discover strengths and weaknesses within the tech stack, and ensure that it’s aligned with your business goals. This is an essential step before starting a new project and also provides valuable insight into how the technology will work.

Tech audits are different than IT reviews and security assessments which focus more on assessing the systems’ security and compliance. Tech audits evaluate all of the tools that your company employs to do work, and analyze their effectiveness, cost, as well as integration with other technologies.

The details of a tech review will depend on the individual who is conducting it. It can be requested by a CFO who is trying to cut costs for software, or it may be motivated by a leadership team looking to become more efficient and agile.

One of the most frequent findings of a tech stack audit is that multiple tools are being utilized for similar tasks. As an example marketing teams may use Asana and Wrike while engineering teams might make use of Jira. The result is that data isn’t flowing freely across departments and creating a single point of truth.

Un-sanctioned apps are also frequently employed by specific departments or teams. While some of these might be beneficial and provide value, they could also be risky when they’re not checked for security or integrations with other technology. An audit of technology can give leadership visibility into what these tools are and how they’re being used, helping to determine whether they are appropriate to integrate into the overall technology stack.

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